Reliability & Consistency

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)
The Modern Chemical facility is registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which ensures we have identified the potential hazards associated with manufacturing our products and have enacted manufacturing guidelines, process requirements, and training programs to mitigate or eliminate
those hazards.

We are also registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and provide data to support the EPA’s mission of protecting human health and the environment.

Contract Manufacturing
Modern Chemical works with established companies to help manufacture and package a variety of products in strict accordance with unique chemical formulation and brand guidelines.

Private Branding
Want to have your own private label? Modern Chemical also has a wide variety of formulas and aromas
for private product labeling and packaging.

Manufacturing Capabilities
Modern Chemical is capable of:

  • Chemical product formulation
  • FDA and EPA Registration
  • Customizing chemical products to specific look, feel, and fragrance parameters
  • Creating unique unit, case, and pallet packaging
  • Scaling product development quickly
  • Customer storage and drop shipping

Product Capabilities
Modern Chemical can process, label and package almost any type of solution, such as:

  • Hand Sanitizers
  • Disinfectant Sprays
  • Sanitizing Wipes
  • Antibacterial Soaps
  • Personal Hygiene and Hair Care Products