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CEO Constantine Zotos and COO Mitchell Webber have taken Modern Chemical from a pandemic startup to a leader in clean chemical packaging and distribution.

CEO Constantine Zotos & COO Mitchell Webber

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Modern Chemical’s History

The journey of Modern Chemical is one marked by resilience, innovation, and a commitment to serving the community. Here is a timeline that charts the key moments in our history:

CEO Constantine Zotos & COO Mitchell Webber

2017: Cloud Nine Coffee Inception

Constantine Zotos, John Zotos, and Mitchell Webber founded Cloud Nine Coffee, a cold brew coffee business servicing offices and commercial destinations. The business was initially operated from a garage but quickly expanded due to high demand.

2018-2019: Expansion to State-of-the-Art Brewery

The business grew rapidly, culminating in the establishment of a full-scale, state-of-the-art cold brew coffee brewery. This expansion enabled the production of cold brew coffee products for Fortune 50 companies and airports across the United States.

2020: Covid-19 Pandemic and Strategic Pivot

The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in a drastic decline in business, reducing revenues significantly. Recognizing the need for a strategic shift, the founders pivoted their operations to package and bottle millions of gallons of hand sanitizer. This decision marked the birth of Modern Chemical, a contract manufacturing and chemical tolling business specializing in liquid and powder blending and filling.

2021: Expansion of Custom Chemical Blend Capabilities

Modern Chemical continued to expand its services, offering sourcing and procurement services, long-term stocking and storage, lab and formulation services, and product development sources. This expansion allowed Modern Chemical to cater to a broader range of client needs.

2023: Chemical Distribution Services

Modern Chemical expanded its offerings to include chemical distribution services for a variety of products, including acids, commodity chemicals, gums, silicates, solvents, surfactants, and sodiums.

Gel hand sanitizer products

Agility Saves a Local Business

Principals Constantine Zotos’ and Mitchell Webber’s Houston-based, nitrogen-infused cold brew coffee business had a client base of 100 when Covid-19 arrived in early 2020, threatening their business. As workers began to tele-commute, coffee demand collapsed. The duo brainstormed ideas to save their company and shifted from coffee to hand sanitizers to fill society’s newest immediate need. They formulated a product with a 70% USP ethanol base and the new Modern Chemical was born. Today, Modern Chemical is flourishing with a staff of 100+.

Alive and Well Despite Covid-19

By mid-March Modern Chemical had a staff of 40 and filled its first major order. Today, the new company boasts a staff of 60 and has moved into a larger facility. Modern Chemical has built a reputation on agility, reliability, short turn-times, and the quality of their gel-based product. Their national client base ranges from local restaurants to industrial equipment operators, janitorial and paper services, the food and entertainment industry and pharmaceutical distributors.

Modern Chemical always puts safety first, is registered with the FDA and EPA, and is an equal opportunity employer.

chemical filling and packaging process

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If you decide to work with the Modern Chemical team you will not be disappointed.

Sean Ryder

Corporate Distribution Manager, Ritz Safety

We met the Modern Chemical shortly after the pandemic hit. The partnership and support we received on a daily basis was truly special. They consistently met our needs and worked with us to develop various solutions to take care of our customers during these most challenging times.

Not only did they help us short term – we continue to collaborate on several projects and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship moving forward. If you decide to work with the Modern Chemical team you will not be disappointed.

Their dedication to providing the best customer service possible is very apparent.

Gary Dotson

Director of Purchasing, American Paper & Twine Company

We have worked with Constantine Zotos and his team since April of 2020. Modern Chemical has done an amazing job since day one of providing us quality products, delivered as requested and expected. The Modern Chemical team has gone above and beyond with every opportunity we have given them whether it was in their wheelhouse or not. Their dedication to providing the best customer service possible is very apparent.

I would highly recommend Constantine and the Modern Chemical team for any hand care needs or import sourcing opportunities that your company may have.

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