Comprehensive Chemical Product Development Services

Chemical Product Development Services & Solutions

At Modern Chemical, we don’t just manufacture and distribute chemicals – we innovate. Our robust catalog of product development services is designed to propel your business forward, providing you with custom chemical formulations, innovative packaging solutions, and thorough stability and project feasibility testing. Whether your needs lie within the realm of liquid or dry chemicals, we’re equipped to serve a wide range of industries.

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Custom Formulation – The Heart of Our Chemical Product Development Services & Solutions

Our product development journey begins with custom chemical formulation. Our skilled chemists work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and develop formulations that align with your product objectives. From non-food consumer packaged goods to automotive, coatings & construction, oil & gas, metalworking and lubricants, home & industrial cleaning, or water treatment, we have the expertise to deliver custom solutions.

Innovative Packaging Solutions

A great product deserves great packaging. As part of our chemical product development solutions, we offer innovative packaging solutions designed to preserve the integrity of your product, enhance user experience, and align with your brand’s aesthetic. Our team is well-versed in the latest packaging technologies and trends, enabling us to provide solutions that are both practical and visually appealing.

chemical cleaning products
chemical cleaning products

Stability & Project Feasibility Testing

Before a product hits the market, it must undergo rigorous testing. At Modern Chemical, we perform comprehensive stability and project feasibility testing to ensure that your product is not only safe and effective but also viable in the current market. Our experts use the latest testing methodologies to assess the performance of your product under different conditions and provide you with valuable insights that can guide your product launch strategy.

Industry-Specific Chemical Product Development Expertise

With our vast industry knowledge and experience, we can provide chemical product development services and solutions tailored to your specific industry. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities of each industry we serve, enabling us to deliver services that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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Manufacturing capabilities

At Modern Chemical, we leverage our expertise in the chemical industry to provide comprehensive product development and manufacturing services.

See what our customers say

If you decide to work with the Modern Chemical team you will not be disappointed.

Sean Ryder

Corporate Distribution Manager, Ritz Safety

We met the Modern Chemical shortly after the pandemic hit. The partnership and support we received on a daily basis was truly special. They consistently met our needs and worked with us to develop various solutions to take care of our customers during these most challenging times.

Not only did they help us short term – we continue to collaborate on several projects and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship moving forward. If you decide to work with the Modern Chemical team you will not be disappointed.

Their dedication to providing the best customer service possible is very apparent.

Gary Dotson

Director of Purchasing, American Paper & Twine Company

We have worked with Constantine Zotos and his team since April of 2020. Modern Chemical has done an amazing job since day one of providing us quality products, delivered as requested and expected. The Modern Chemical team has gone above and beyond with every opportunity we have given them whether it was in their wheelhouse or not. Their dedication to providing the best customer service possible is very apparent.

I would highly recommend Constantine and the Modern Chemical team for any hand care needs or import sourcing opportunities that your company may have.

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