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Chemicals for Consumer Packaged Goods

As a leading chemical manufacturing, distribution, and logistics company, Modern Chemical proudly serves the non-food consumer packaged goods market. We understand the wide range of chemical products required in this industry, from cleaning products and personal care items to adhesives and paints. Contact us today to learn how we can be your go-to, consumer product chemicals supplier for consumer packaged goods.

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Wide Range of Chemical Products for Consumer Goods Industry

The non-food consumer packaged goods industry encompasses a broad spectrum of products that people use daily. These include household cleaning supplies, personal care products, cosmetics, adhesives, paints, and much more. Each of these items relies on chemical components for their effectiveness, stability, and safety.

Premier Consumer Product Chemicals Supplier

As an experienced consumer product chemicals supplier, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of chemicals essential to the consumer goods industry. We supply high-quality raw materials that are crucial to the production of a vast array of non-food consumer packaged goods. Our commitment to quality and timely delivery makes us the preferred choice for many businesses in this sector.

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Specialist in Chemicals for Consumer Goods

We specialize in supplying a wide array of chemicals for consumer goods. Whether you need surfactants for cleaning products, emulsifiers for cosmetics, or solvents for paints and adhesives, we’ve got you covered. Our expert team can guide you in choosing the right chemical components for your product formulations, ensuring they meet the desired performance, safety, and regulatory standards.

Commitment to Quality & Safety

At Modern Chemical, we prioritize the quality and safety of the chemical products we supply. Our rigorous quality control procedures ensure that every chemical we deliver meets the highest standards. We also provide technical support and regulatory guidance, helping our clients navigate the complex landscape of consumer product safety regulations.

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Manufacturing capabilities

At Modern Chemical, we leverage our expertise in the chemical industry to provide comprehensive product development and manufacturing services.

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If you decide to work with the Modern Chemical team you will not be disappointed.

Sean Ryder

Corporate Distribution Manager, Ritz Safety

We met the Modern Chemical shortly after the pandemic hit. The partnership and support we received on a daily basis was truly special. They consistently met our needs and worked with us to develop various solutions to take care of our customers during these most challenging times.

Not only did they help us short term – we continue to collaborate on several projects and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship moving forward. If you decide to work with the Modern Chemical team you will not be disappointed.

Their dedication to providing the best customer service possible is very apparent.

Gary Dotson

Director of Purchasing, American Paper & Twine Company

We have worked with Constantine Zotos and his team since April of 2020. Modern Chemical has done an amazing job since day one of providing us quality products, delivered as requested and expected. The Modern Chemical team has gone above and beyond with every opportunity we have given them whether it was in their wheelhouse or not. Their dedication to providing the best customer service possible is very apparent.

I would highly recommend Constantine and the Modern Chemical team for any hand care needs or import sourcing opportunities that your company may have.

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